Mr. Bell is a Senior Project Management professional with forty (40) years of Aerospace Project Management experience. He has executed projects to Quality Assurance (QA) standards Z299, through ISO 9000 standards. Mr. Bell prepared Project Management Policies and procedures for ISO 9000 certification and has supported QA staff and Quality circles. He has also been responsible for the disposition of deviations and waivers for space systems under MIL standards. Mr. Bell has performed as the Performance/Cost Manager on the large Canadian Forces Supply System Upgrade (CFSSU) project for the Department of National Defence (DND) for over five (5) years and as the Risk Manager for Honeywell (gaining experience with Honeywell-Sperry in risk management at corporate levels on international projects in planning, developing, implementing and administrating enterprise RM), Industry Canada, Health Canada and Department of National Defence (DND) as well as written policy and procedures to Department of Defense (DoD) standards and has used the Treasury Board (TB) Risk Management (RM) framework since 2001.

Experience / Qualifications

  • Project control/performance/cost manager for large and small projects in Government
  • First line manager for Sperry-Honeywell Aerospace & Defence Systems for 12 years. Responsible for Operations, Projects, and Proposals. Prepared and presented reports to senior review meetings with CEO and facilitated workshops with stakeholders on project issues. Prepared monthly reports for senior management, weekly budget/issues/risk analyses, and ad hoc reports. Wrote SOPs and developed PMO control processes for planning, directing and controlling project work. Coached staff on project plans, change control and risk management. Prepared budgets, ETC, BCWS, ACWP, BCWP, variance reports, risk assessments and HR analysis for monthly and annual reports.
  • Proposal and Security manager for a secure facility producing top-secret level government proposals for three divisions of Honeywell.
  • Systems and procedures administrator for Z299 and AQAP/ISO 9000.
  • Design Engineer and Production Engineer for equipment such as avionics, air data computer test sets, car radios, radiographic cameras, pipeline crawlers, railway freight cars, and bulk material handing equipment for cement and steel mills.
  • Project manager for a multi-purpose world class one-of-kind 500T specialty railcar, for steel mill conveyor systems, for landing aides on Light Airborne Multi-Purpose Ships (LAMPS) and Canadian Patrol Frigate (CPF) for navigational and telecommunication projects. Project manager for international, DOT, and DND communications projects.

  • Project Control

  • project management information systems
  • project evaluation and audits
  • continuous risk managment
  • configuration and data management
  • Performance Measurement

  • project evaluation and analysis
  • activity and cost accounting
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Keeping it Simple and Specific (KISS)

    Cost Schedule Conrol System: OBS, WBS, RAM, BCWS, BCWP, ACWP